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Truck Stops Along Route From Hastings, FL 32145 to Tucker, GA (city center)
Miles:389   Trip Time: 7:10   

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NameLocationCityStateDistanceToday's Specials
Sunoco #2572Hwy 17 & Hwy 100 (2600 Reid St)PalatkaFL13
S & S Food Store # 337I-10 Exit 303Lake CityFL92
Pilot Travel Centers #500I-75 Exit 460JasperFL125
Johnson & Johnson #14I-75 Exit 460 (8191 Hwy 6)JasperFL125
S & S Food Store #30I-75 Exit 460 (8273 NW Hwy 6)JasperFL125
Petro-Card 24 #1102US-136 & S 1st StTarkioMO126
Fuel Maxx #214892 FM 1960HumbleTX132
TA Lake Park #249I-75 Exit 2Lake ParkGA137
Flying J Travel Plaza #631I-75 Exit 2 (7001 Bellville Rd)Lake ParkGA137
Bigfoot Travel PlazaI-75 Exit 5 (7212 Lakes Blvd)Lake ParkGA140
Pilot Travel Centers #073I-75 Exit 11 (3495 Madison Hwy)ValdostaGA146
Pilot Travel Centers #4561I-75 Exit 11ValdostaGA146
Pas of TallahasseeI-75 Exit 16 (2102 W Hill Ave)ValdostaGA151
Big Foot Travel CenterI-75 Exit 16ValdostaGA151
Bigfoot Travel CenterI-75 Exit 29HahiraGA165
Adel Truck PlazaI-75 Exit 39AdelGA175
Love's Travel Stops #325I-75 Exit 59 (178 Southwell Blvd)TiftonGA195
Pilot Travel Centers #192I-75 Exit 60 (4431 Old Union Rd)TiftonGA196
Stripes #1062US-35 / 7th StBay CityTX197
S Mart #6I-75 Exit 62 (306 E 5th St)TiftonGA197
Citgo Travel CenterI-75 Exit 61 (603 Old Omega Rd)TiftonGA198
Pilot Travel Centers #416I-75 Exit 101 (2201 E 16th Ave)CordeleGA237
Fuel Expresso 17I-35 Exit 187OttawaKS246
Pilot Travel Centers #398I-75 Exit 109 (39 Victory Ln)ViennaGA246
Pinehurst Gas and GoI-75 Exit 117PinehurstGA254
All State Truck StopI-75 Exit 121 (475 Pine St)UnadillaGA258
Flash Foods #267I-75 Exit 136 (1417 Sam Nunn Blvd)PerryGA274
Happy Store #433 (Perry T/P)I-75 Exit 138 (517 N Perry Pkwy)PerryGA275
Super Food Mart #01I-75 Exit 138 (517 N Perry Pkwy)PerryGA275
Pilot Travel Centers #267I-75 Exit 146 (2965 Hwy 247 C)ByronGA284
JP LaGrangeI-85 Exit 18La GrangeGA287
Flash Foods #264I-75 Exit 149 (236 Hwy 49 N)ByronGA287
Byron Gas N GoI-75 Exit 149ByronGA287
Pilot Travel Centers #1012Hwy 218 & Hwy 34 (1300 N Grand Ave)Mount PleasantIA287
Marathon Food CenterI-475 Exit 3 (5013 Harrison Rd)MaconGA298
Rumble Road (BP)I-75 Exit 181 (1334 Rumble Rd)ForsythGA313
TA Atlanta SouthI-75 Exit 201 (122 Truck Stop Way)JacksonGA334
Flying J Travel Plaza #630I-75 Exit 201 (66 Bucksnort Rd)JacksonGA334
Mach 1 Food Store #18US-45 & IL-15FairfieldIL334
Pilot Travel Centers #4560I-75 Exit 201JacksonGA334
Love's Travel Stops #307I-75 Exit 201 (115 Truck Stop Way)JacksonGA334
The Kangaroo Pantry #3333I-75 Exit 216 (978 Hwy 155 W)McDonoughGA350
Arco (Cash ONLY)I-82 Exit 31 A (1408 N 1st St)YakimaWA351
Citgo Travel CenterI-75 Exit 221 (1599 Jonesboro Rd)McDonoughGA354
Quik Trip #787I-675 Exit 5 (2881 Ellenwood Rd)EllenwoodGA366
Patriots Travel CenterI-75 Exit 237 (132 Forest Pkwy)Forest ParkGA369
Blu Station Idaho FallsI-15 Exit 113Idaho FallsID370
Conley Truck StopI-285 Exit 53 (3097 Moreland Ave)ConleyGA370
Amoco Food ShopI-285 Exit 52 (2964 Moreland Ave)ConleyGA371
Pilot Travel Centers #331I-285 Exit 51 (2605 Bouldercrest Rd)AtlantaGA372
Quik Trip #707I-85 Exit 96 (4086 Pleasant Dale Rd)DoravilleGA388
Quick Fuel #2201 CardlockI-85 Exit 96 (6962 Best Friend Rd)NorcrossGA388
Pump Pantry #4Hwy 2 (103 W Hwy 2)CairoNE390

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